IMT Wins Gold Ex Award!

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  • GGB75-Sound-Booth-and-18-ft-video-wall-structure
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The HP-Intel activation at the Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary redefined how a sponsor could stretch their allotted exhibit space to the limit by building UP and BIG. Attendees were greeted by a a mammoth Golden Gate Bridge structure consisting of two (2) 18′ tall towers constructed, painted and detailed to perfectly match the actual Golden Gate Bridge towers! Within the towers was an engineered steel internal structure. Between these fabricated towers was a steel truss system supporting two (2) 20′ wide LED boards on front and back that showed various 75th Anniversary messaging, HP and Intel product ads, and a countdown clock with photo collage that collaborated with the Golden Gate Bridge’s televised evening fireworks show. This structure also had two (2) 30″ wide and 96″ long base plates and held 2,000 lbs of counterweight per base plate. Beneath this structure and within the sponsor tent sat the massive, eye-catching giant ultrabook laptops where attendees could participate in Trivia Challenges consisting of Golden Gate Bridge, HP, and Intel themed questions to win ultrabook prizes. These record-setting and fully functional giant ultrabooks each stood 10 feet wide by 10 feet high and weighed 3,600 lbs a piece! They were constructed with a fiberglass shell and sculpted and painted to closely match the existing ultrabooks. Built with standard USB output, a giant keyboard with functional numbers and letters were available to attendees to try out during the Trivia Challenges. Within the giant ultrabook screen frame sat nine (9) 46″ ultra thin bezel displays forming a large video wall to display all visuals. Upon finishing the Trivia Challenge, attendees then entered a 7′ tall, custom fabricated and metal clad sound booth where guests recorded congratulatory messages to the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy and the City of San Francisco on HP-Intel ultrabooks. These messages were later edited into a commemorable video for the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy and City of San Francisco.