Coachella & Panorama 2018

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HP’s activations were divided up into three areas—the HP Lounge, Antarctic and the Drone experience—but with new concepts and themes this year. The goal behind all of the eye-popping, color-rich activations was to immerse attendees in the power of HP’s technology.

The 2018 motif was “Digital Eden,” where digital artistry meets sustainability. Upon entering the HP Lounge, festivalgoers were enveloped by gigantic, blooming, colored LED flowers and vines overhead, powered by XBook X2s. Guests could use HP’s Digital Inking stylus technology to control color combinations and witness their creations come to life. At the “Hydration Art” station attendees designed their own graphics that were printed and placed on water bottles using the technology of the HP Pavillion x360, with water refill stations on hand as well. A light painting experience allowed participants in pairs to paint text or images with their desired color, thickness, patterns and stickers, which transformed into a custom, shareable video art piece.