Google Developer Days 2017 was held at the Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center with forums covering Android, mobile network, Firebase, machine learning, cloud service, AR and VR and many more topics. Pico was invited to deliver numerous services for this global event – design fabrication, interpretation, live broadcast, performance management and many more. We had a series of aims to achieve: engage, empower and inspire developers to ‘go global’ with Google’; help Google launch products and introduce platforms to build the brand with Chinese developers; and nurture an entrepreneurial spirit and engage China’s immense scale and innovative spirit to create value for the company and the country.

Reflecting the innovative spirit of Google, we created an open, colourful and bright design for the interactive Demo Hall, allowing the developers’ demonstrations to realize their full potential. Creating this design meant that our teams had to become highly familiar with many Google products in a short time frame – a task we eagerly accepted.


Google Developer Days



What We Did

Concept Development & Strategy, Contract Negotiations, Design & Fabrication, Brand Ambassadors

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